Getting a little slow lately? Maybe it is your diet. Incorporating the right amount of brain food or food that compliments brain activities can reduce mental sluggishness and make you alert. In short, the right kind of brain food can make you the next Einstein. Well, maybe not Einstein but brain food can guarantee a smarter you! Here is a list of the 5 top brain foods!

Brain Food 1 – Caffeine

Caffeine just had to be there in this brain food list. As most of us know caffeine helps in energizing and focusing. Though it improves your concentration level, too much caffeine can make you more distracted and jittery! Moderation is the trick! Caffeine is found in coffee recipes, chocolate and energy drink. Try black coffee if you are on a diet!

Brain Food 2 – Sugar

This is again a tricky Brain food! By sugar we mean the glucose metabolized by our body from sugar and carbohydrates. This acts as a fuel source for your brain. So a cup of sweet juice can be helpful to boost your mental abilities. Too much sugar on the other hand can affect your memory negatively and of course the consequences on your bodily dimensions can be quite depressing!


Brain Food 3 – Fish

Two servings of fish per week will give your body a healthy amount of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. These provide your brain with an amazing set of superpowers. This brain food is said to play a vital role in boosting memory power and lowering the risks of dementia and also strokes. So don’t forget to include some fish recipes in your weekly diet plans!

Brain Food 4 – Nuts

Nuts and seeds have an impressive amount of the antioxidant Vitamin E which slows down the cognitive decline with age! Dark chocolate is also an option! One of the nuts that is famous for being a brain food is Walnuts! Make sure that you have up to an ounce of nuts and chocolates daily. For all those who love nuts and chocolates guess this is a great treat!

Brain Food 5 – Blueberries

Blueberries helps in protecting the brain from oxidative stress. Studies have shown that this brain food can improve our learning capacity and motor skills! You can check this link for some delicious blueberry recipes

The effectiveness of drugs and supplements have not yet been proved, so it is advisable to stick to the natural brain foods listed in her and develop some brain food recipes for yourself Try and introduce these top 5 brain food in your diets using some brain food recipes. Also, ensure that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet as well as standard exercise regimes and sleep hours.

By Alexa

My mission is to share what I know – about education, yoga, and business – to help teachers and studios elevate their offerings, share their passion, and thrive in their lives. I believe that education is a potent pathway for growth, discovery, and self-actualization. Whether you are a student keen to learn more about yoga, a teacher looking to step into the role of a teacher trainer, or a studio seeking to expand and lead your community, education is a process through which we can elevate ourselves while inspiring those around us.


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